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a nice little lake community with a bbq problem....

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Team Etiquite:

All of the teams were supportive of each other during the competition. There was no name calling, trash talking or plans to drag team Hogapoloza down to the lake after their victory.

Team Bulldog BBQ

Team Griffies brought Bulldog BBQ to the Patio Porkers. Showing up for the second competition, these guys incorporated super secret dental techniques in their rib que. This Bulldog had some bite!

Team Hogapoloza

Team Hogapoloza, led by Mike Jones was the dark horse of the competition. Coming from obscurity to win the Boston Butt tournament was his announcement to competition that was here and serious about winning.

Team QN2Win

Team Wheat is QN2Win. The long time BGE aficionado and carnivore is currently mis-understood due to the cerebral nature of their team t-shirts. Not known for their ribs, Team QN2Win has been locked away, trying different recipes for the next competition. When asked about the first tournament, the official team response was "Did Jones really win?"

Team Smokin Tigers

Team Smokin Tigers are a cajun powerhouse and were one of the forerunners going into this competition. This just shows that fancy shirts and well manicured hair are only going to get you so far. Still considered to be one of the top contenders, the ribs will set the tone for the rest of the tournament.

Team Swine-o-Mite

Swine-o-Mite is Team Sherrer, and are strongly considered to be the ones to beat in the rib program. Trying to intimidate everyone with their witty team name and shirts, psychological warfare is the main ingredient for this group of seasoned smokers.