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Keeping the meat warm through judging is critical. Most teams will take the submission time and work backwards to determine when to start the smoker. Because of the compressed schedule between submission and judging, we were not able to accomodate the lawnmower race around the loop.

Brisket Competition Schedule - TBD

  • 6:00PM - Team Submission:
    All teams need to arrive with their submissions at 6:00PM. Each team will be responsible for cutting their meat so bring a carving or electric knife if you will be doing it on site. Submissions will be placed into a styrofoam container and assigned a secret, unique identifier that will only be known by the Patio Porkers management team.
  • 6:30PM - Everyone eats
    Brisket, hotdogs, chili and sides will be outside for munching. Each team captain will meet upstairs and have a sample of each other's ribs during this time.
  • 6:30 PM - Judging:
    Judging can begin as soon as all teams have submitted their entry and they have been color coded. It could be much earlier but this time at the latest.
  • 7:00 PM - Results:
    Depending on the number of entrants, and the quality of the submissions, judging could be finished earlier or later than this time. Based on past competitions, this is a good guestimate.
  • After:
    Hang out and celebrate the victory and watch some Football with friends by the fire!