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a nice little lake community with a bbq problem....

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The Name:

No one really knows where the name "Patio Porkers" came from. One minute we were trying to come up with witty team names and the next we all had this on our shirts. I think it was swine intervention....

2011 Fireworks Show Update

The fireworks show was just about flawless! The launch team brought their A-Game and the execution was amazing. One of our neighbors gave us a picture video so I converted and posted in the Media area under videos. If your really lazy, you can just click HERE to get to it as well.
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The Weather Channel is predicting 40% chance of rain this evening. We are hoping for the 60% chance that it will not! Check the blog for more information as the day progresses.

Team Swine-o-Mite got their rib on!

Team Swine-o-Mite brought their "A" game to the rib competition Saturday night, taking home the coveted Patio Porkers trophy. There were some outstanding entries, and team Smoking Tigers launched a formal protest on the decision. Currently TSoM has legal possession.

How it started...

Beer was involved. Several of us were sitting around one night bragging about our culinary skills when it came to barbecue. Someone suggested a BBQ cook-off and that was all it took; within twenty minutes we had four teams set to go. Over the next couple of weeks it really got out of hand with creating team names, t-shirts, rules, soliciting judges and acquiring the trophy.
It was decided that we would have three meat categories: boston butt, ribs and brisket. We had a great turn out for the first competition and Team Hogapoloza took home the trophy. We were able to consume roughly 35 pounds of queue that evening, (and a beer or two.) It's a matter of pride going into round two, stay tuned.